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Not yet over with Samsung Galaxy Note : 9, we already are in motion for Samsung Galaxy s10. The new flagship is said to be on the way, but not very soon. Rumors have already started as like always and this time it’s like this flagship is something beyond the thoughts.
As according to leaks and rumors this time its about Ultrasonic Fingerprint Recognition. Dont scratch your heads or start googling about it. I will try to explain the best way i can.

Samsung Galaxy s10 – The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Recognition?

The under-screen fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to be the strongest selling point. The feature was rumored to debut in 2017 with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ but Samsung didn’t bring it. When the S9 was in production, some leakers boldly claimed that the Galaxy S10 will utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sense ID 3D.
So if it is happening, expect the Galaxy S10 to use ultrasonic fingerprint recognition system and here’s what we know so far about this major update.

What’s Ultrasonic fingerprint Recognition on Galaxy S10

Instead of using capacitive touch input, the Snapdragon Sense ID uses ultrasonic sound fingerprint detail mapping. As a result, users can put their finger on the screen to unlock the device. It enhances security by using ultrasonic pulses that travel in two directions – toward the screen and back to the finger.,/p>
When you put your finger on the sensor, sound pulses are absorbed and some pulses are sent back to the finger to read the unique features of your finger. To listen to this sound transmission, a microphone is used.
Capacitive fingerprint sensors are capable of mapping out details of fingers based on two dimensional (2D) images. On the Samsung Galaxy S10, the fingerprint sensor will produce 3D images for improved security. The Sense ID also supports passwordless authentication Fast Identity Online.
This feature ensures the safety of your fingerprint data and it is the first ultrasonic systems in the smartphone space.

Samsung Galaxy S10, a real iPhone X competitor?

Apple knows how to use safety features to stand out. With the Face ID in the iPhone X, Apple put all theAndroid smartphones on the back foot. In the mobile space, there’s no better security feature than the Face ID.
But the Samsung Galaxy S10 can turn out to be a gamechanger with its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
Korean media claims that Samsung has confirmed that it is using ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor on the S10. Samsung will promote this technology with a new name “Virtual Fingerprint Recognition.” Samsung is not even considering this feature for its highly anticipated Note 9.
To compete with Apple’s new phones, particularly the AR feature, Samsung is rumored to introduce a new sensor. This new sensor will not only work as Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Face ID, but it will also take the smartphone’s AR capabilities to a new level. Apple this year got exclusive Snapchat filters for its iPhone X.
These small things make a huge impact when it comes to delivering more to customers. Samsung may not follow the same path, but new AR capabilities will certainly give users more reasons to choose a Samsung phone over Apple.

Samsung needs to shake things up

Samsung cannot survive if it fails to convince people with innovation. Infinity display is a massive hit but other players have found many new ways to address this change. Full-vision display has become common, even in the budget phones. From the hardware point of view, Samsung has started feeling the heat from its Chinese competitors Oppo and Xiaomi.
These two companies are selling comparatively cheaper mobile phones with almost the same hardware as the Samsung S9 and S9+ smartphones.
The only way Samsung can beat Apple in its game is the inclusion of a virtual fingerprint sensor. One of the Samsung’s patent application confirms that the company is planning to make a device (undoubtedly the S10) that features 90 percent screen-to-body ratio and a fingerprint sensor under the display.
Afterall, the business environment won’t stay favorable if these features are not implemented.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

Reports are telling two different stories about the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date. If rumors are something to go by, Samsung won’t wait till Mobile World Conference to unveil the Galaxy S10. The Korean media has suggested a January 2019 release for the smartphone. If it happens, the International Consumer Electronics Show will be the event where Samsung Galaxy S10 will be unveiled.
The CES 2019 will be held in January in Las Vegas. If that happens, we should expect Samsung to start talking about the new fingerprint technology in the coming days.
So guys here we are on the way to Samsung Galaxy s10. Lots of Rumors and talks going on, but who knows what will be in the box. All will be out when Samsung will unleash this beast in January in Las Vegas.

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