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Google One is the new way you'll buy online storage from Google, taking over from the company's previous Google Drive storage plans. 
Does that mean Google Drive is going away? No -- but the phrase "Google Drive" now only refers to the company's Dropbox-like service where you can upload files to a personal online vault.

Previously, "Google Drive" was also the company's name for the gigabytes of online storage you'd share between Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Now, all of that is called Google One. You'll buy storage from Google One and manage it with a Google One app, the company confirmed to CNET and Informed to Fresh Info Box.
The rebranding also brings a handful of new features. With Google One you'll be able to share that storage plan with up to five family members. Google says it'll also now include "one-tap" customer support for your other Google products -- including Google hardware devices like the Pixel phones and Google Home speakers. 
Plus, Google says it may hand out free Google Play credits to buy apps, music and movies, and offer other sorts of deals as well. (Hotel room discounts were mentioned as one possibility.)
Google One will keep providing the same free 15GB of storage with every Google account as Drive did previously, according to the company's blog post. Paid storage options range from 100GB to 30TB. According to TechCrunch, there are two new storage plans: 200GB for $2.99 a month and 2TB for $9.99 a month.
Google says it will upgrade all of its paid consumer Google Drive plans to Google One over the next few months, starting in the US and rolling out globally. According to Google, this won't affect G Suite business customers.

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