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The latest update of WhatsApp brings in 5 new features which many users would have liked to have in the app. Here is the official press release from WhatsApp Communications Ltd.

As per the changelog, these are the 5 new exciting features that WhatsApp has incorporated in the latest version:

1. Chat Stopper: It is often found that there are many users who keep on bombarding their messages without waiting for a reply or an answer. To handle such friends, we have made available a unique mood-sense feature. In this, you need not reply the person. WhatsApp will automatically reply such users with “k” or “hmmm” or “:)”, the widespread acknowledged ways to abruptly end a chat.

2. Engaging the Free People: Quite often there are some users who have lots of free time that they simply refresh the users list to read the status of their friends. This feature identifies such friends of yours and you can send them jokes or riddles at regular intervals to keep them occupied. You need to add 20 jokes / riddles to start with.

3. Creep Alert: It was brought to our notice that many users simply go to their friend’s chat window to see their “last seen on ….” status. In this feature, if someone is staring at your chat window for 120 seconds without chatting, you will be intimated about that friend. This will help you to block that creepy friend of yours, or your peepy colleague or even your suspicious partner.

4. Time-Out: In this feature, the users who take more than 60 seconds to reply will be shown a pop-up window with the default text “Don’t act like Aamir Khan” (for Indian users). Users can set their own message text as well. This feature was added because many users had complained that their friends current chat status shows as “typing…” but they don’t reply.

5. Light-A-Candle: As per the request of many users, specially Indian users, we have included this feature. In this feature, you can silently protest to anything by just lighting a virtual candle in your WhatsApp. You also get an option to intimate and ask all your friends in your friends list to join you for the noble cause.

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