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In one year, two seasons of the same show and every episode of both of them topped in TIP .. It is amazing that this year Ekta Kapoor's show 'Nagin' has shown. 
This show has ruled the whole year on a small screen by the sensual saris of Mauni Rai and the tremendous editing. From this, the trend of supernatural concepts caught hold back and many shows based on this theme have appeared on different channels. 
You know, this year, what was more popular on Indian TV -

since at the start broadcast shows, like every episode TRP of the show. Seeing its popularity Ekta Kapoor brought her second series back in a few months. Of course, his use was tremendously successful and the serpent was one of the top trends of the world of television in 2016.

swayed karmafata Saturn or Mahavir Hanuman, Nagin Ho or Kavach, Brahmarakshasa or in-laws, Simran - VFX is dominated by every popular TV show. The television industry has made a lot of progress in this case in some years. And this year it showed its fierceness on the screen.

Supernatural  C oncepts 
Nagin and VFX gave a big boost to the theme based on this theme. Shows such as Brahmaraxa, Kavach, Kasam Tere Pyaar came to this theme.

Comedy's Fight 
Comedy Show is once again a popular trend. In my new show, our daughter-in-law, our Rajinikanth, I came here and I liked it. Kapil Sharma stopped his old show and brought the new show 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. It was not as successful as it was before, but the comedy stays completely intact.

Love stories come 
back to TV this year by Love Stories. 
Chandranna Nandini is also involved in this round with some color love, a relationship partnership, flirtation, extremely, for a second. 'Chandra Nandini' may be broadcasting as a period show but its theme is love ...

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